Pro-Talk: Enzo Duval from France

We’ve met Enzo Duval right after picking up his second loss in Round 9 of this event. Enzo Duval was a YCS regular a few years ago, but disappeared from the szene only to return for Ghent. It turned out that he’s having a hard time without the game. He’s hailing from Paris, France is aiming to put France on the map again.

[b] Hi Enzo, great to have you back again. Why did you to decide to pick up your cards again?[/b]

[quote] I came back after taking a break from the game. The last event I played was the European Championship in Dublin in 2015. I picked up another card game and invested a lot of time and resources into it. But I found out that I miss the feeling of cards in my hand and face real opponents. I missed the game a lot and decided to mount a comeback for this year. I attended a Regional in my area to prepare to see how I’m doing, and everything went fine.[/quote]

[b] I’ve heard that you have a family now! How does that go along with [ygo]?[/b]

[quote]Yeah, I’ve become a father of two little girls! They were one of the reasons for my break from the game. They mean the world to me and it’s quite a struggle to accommodate all these things. You have to have a good schedule and focus on the important things. My time has gotten far less and I have to carefully choose what to do.

I feel like having a family is not an excuse. My wife is very understanding and supportive and I’m thankful for that. She wants us to live the best life we can and [ygo] is an important part of my life. I also feel like I’m a better person since I became a father. We’ll see if I will be a better Duelist as well. .


[b] What were your expectations going into this event? [/b]

[quote] I don’t like to set my personal goals too high. I feel like topping a YCS in Europe would be a big achievement and that’s something I strive for. But it would not be very realistic to expect this from me in my current situation.

I’ve been going to YCS consistently for a year now. My biggest success so far was topping my National last year. It was the first I’ve went too. That’s pretty good since I’m only playing for two years. [/quote]

[b] Let’s talk about the French Community. What’s going in France? [/b]

[quote] I feel like that we are currently experiencing a huge upward swing in the French community. There are so many players in France right now and everybody is crazy about the game. When I was playing, the French community was a lot smaller. This year, I was watching French Nationals and it was the biggest National in Europe this year. I was so excited to see all the players on site and it made me want to come back even more! I think it has a lot to do with the French YouTubers. They brought a lot of new people to the game.

I’m also very proud that we were the second most represented country at YCS Ghent. We have the reigning European Champion and we saw an all French Final. I feel like that players in France have become a lot better since I was gone but keep on struggling getting to the top and finally win a YCS.

[b] What deck are you playing for this event? [/b]

[quote] I decided to go with Stromberg Maju for Ghent. It’s basically the same idea like in Portland, but I added a lot of tech cards to fit the current metagame. When I came back everybody was playing the same deck card for card. I decided to build a deck that beats Orcust and Sky Striker consistently.

I’m here with a 7:2 record, I just picked up my second loss, but I feel very confident with the deck. I feel like it was great choice for this event. Even if I won’t be able to top, I’m glad I had the guts to run the deck.

[b] How did you prepare for this event?[/b]

[quote]I did playtest a lot with friends of mine and I did speak a lot to my testing partner Kevin Semlali. He’s one of the best players I know and we shared a lot of insight about the game and deck itself. He helped out understanding Match-Ups and certain card choices.

My advice to other players is to just play what you want to play and what you feel comfortable with. Don’t be afraid of playing something that’s under the radar. If nobody plays it , doesn’t mean that its bad. Don’t be afraid to try new stuff. Most results come from representation.


[b]Do have any final words?[/b]

[quote] Shoutouts to my wife – I met the best person on earth – and shoutouts to [cd], which is the best card on earth.

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