Pro-Talk: Hashim Mustafa from Oman

08.12.2018 | 15:53 |
For this interview we got somebody special for you. We are here with Hashim Mustafa. He came all the way from Oman in the middle east to Milan to play in his 1st YCS.


Team Trent


Hi Hash, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. Please tell us how did you come to play Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I started playing online four years ago. It was the only way for me to get involved and to find people to play against. After some time, I started learning about the competitive scene and two years ago I noticed that I have potential at the game. So, I decided to check out Decks and strategy on on Youtube and Social Media. It helped me a lot to learn about the metagame. YCS Milan is my first offline event ever. There are no other Duelists in Oman, so I had to go to Europe to attend my first event. We chose Milan, because it was the most affordable fight we had from Oman. Even though I knew what to expect from coverage, I’m pretty impressed on what’s going on here.
What Deck are you running for this weekend?
I’m running Pure Sky Striker. I feel like if played correctly it is the best Deck. The Deck grants you access to the same resources every single turn and rewards the better players. Currently I’m holding an x:1 record going into Round 5. I’m very pleased on how the Deck performs. My only loss was to Infernoid Striker, right in Round 1. I was expecting a lot of Sky Striker Decks for this event, so I my Deck is geared towards the Mirror Match. I also won both of them.
How do you feel about the current metagame
I’m happy about the new list. Finally, Firewall Dragon is gone. Now we have an unsolved metagame! Everything is open which is more fun. There are still two viable FTKs around, but I still cannot tell how good they really are. I guess we will see after the event.
How did you get in touch with Team Trent?
I got to know Lucas Windel from Team Trent almost 6 months ago and we talked a lot online about Decks and cards. That’s basically how I got pulled into the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! thing. Kian, a former Team Trent member, suggested to add me as a staff member for Team Trent. My job was to handle online appearance and post updates on facebook and other Social Media channels. For this event my team invited to join them in Milan.
Do you have any final words
Shoutouts to my dad for his support and shoutouts to my friends back at home, Ali and Adnan, Max for getting me the cards and shoutouts to Luke and Cormac for building the Deck with me.