Pro-Talk: Interview with Aaron Furman

28.10.2017 | 20:19 |

We are here with Aaron Furman, who flew all the way from New Jersey to participate in YCS London. He’s holding an 5:1 record going into Round 7. Aaron was “on fire” lately doing very well in the WCQ earning himself an invite to the World Championship.

Aaron Furman[abstand]
[b]Hi Aaron, thanks for the interview. What made you come to London?[/b]
[quote]I was doing well lately, topped my Nationals and went to Worlds. I wanted to duel as much as I can as long as I have the time to do so. Soon, I will graduate from college and probably will not be able to play as much as I did lately. Therefore, I will go San Diego and try do go to Prague as well. [/quote]
[b] Did you notice any differences in metagame, playstyle and the event?[/b]
[quote]I feel that there are a lot more rogue decks here in London than there were in Dallas. We almost only had SPYRAL and Pendulum Magicians in Dallas. Here I noticed Trickstar and Invoked are represented as well. Both decks with decent records. Regarding playstyle I didn’t notice any differences. I the States it is probably more friendly because I know most of the players. Here in Europe I get recognized but I don’t know all of my opponents.

The event itself is run very different. Judges in the States wear black shirts and only the head judge is wearing red. Here in Europe every judge is wearing red which is quite confusing at first. In the States Match slips are placed in a box. Here we have to queue to hand it to the scorekeeper. Overtime during rounds is much shorter here than it was in Bochum which is nice. And last but not least we play 9 Rounds on Day 1 and only 2 Rounds on Day 2. That’s basically all the differences I noticed. [/quote]
[b] Did you find time to see London?[/b]
[quote]I arrived a few days early to see the city of London. I got to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace for example. I really like the old architecture and brick houses. We don’t have that in the States. The train system is very easy to use. Google maps was very helpful to get me to places. Overall, I had a fantastic trip so far.[/quote]
[b]What are your goals for this event?[/b]
[quote]I want to win! I want to be the third American to win a YCS in Europe. I want to show American presence here. [/quote]
[b]How did you get in touch with [ygo]?[/b]
[quote]It all started with the Yugi and Kaiba Starter Decks. I wasn’t until 2011 I found out about the posivitlty to play in large tournament like Shonen Jump and the YCS. In 2012 I played my first YCS, topped and ever since I’m hooked. Travelling is what makes me stick to the game. It is a very important part of the whole YCS experience. It would love to go to Europe more often, but unfortunately it is so hard to find cheap flights. I like meeting with friends that I met throughout the years and I want to see them again and hang out. I have friends all over the world that I met sharing my hobby.[/quote]
[b]How was Worlds for you?[/b]
[quote]I loved the whole experience and the E-Sport thing. It felt very prestigious. The pressure was high, there were only good players on site. We got to see Japan as well. People were very friendly and kind. The pace in the city is a lot faster. I wish I would have been able to stay longer.

I couldn’t notice any difference in playstyle, but the language barrier was a big problem. We don’t have that problem in the States. I guess you guys in Europe are used to it. [/quote]
[b]Do you have any final words?[/b]
[quote]I want to give shoutout to Team JRB Jobber, to the Secret Village, Team War Council and to my parents for supporting me.[/quote]