Pro-Talk: Interview with Federico Zoppini

25.11.2017 | 14:37 |
After Round 3 we met with Federico Zoppini a long-time veteran from Italy. He took a break from Yu-Gi-Oh!, but made a comeback at YCS London. He made it all the way to the Top 8 at YCS London and is here running SPYRALs for Prague. Federico Zoppini


Hi Federico, thanks for the interview. What made you come to Prague?
I took a break from Yu-Gi-Oh! for almost 2 years. My friends persuaded me to come back to London and Prague. It is not the format that was appealing to me. I was the city of Prague and the game itself. Since Yu-Gi-Oh! basically has no costs for cards, you can play a lot of cards in one turn. Being able to throw you whole hand onto the table is fun. I like Decks that can combo off. I also like the size of the events. It is far more attractive to attend a 1000+ event than to play in a 100+ event.
Did you find time to see Prague?
As I said before, Prague is a great city and it is one of the best cities for a YCS in my opinion. I will stay until Tuesday and go and see the city after the event. It is my third time in Prague and we always spent time in the city and going out. The city center is amazing, and it is always great to be here.
You are a current World Champion?
I used to play a different card game a lot lately. I even managed to win Worlds this year. The gameplay is very different, and I feel like it made me a better Duelist seeing another TCG. I couldn’t tell which game I like more. It mainly depends on the current metagame. Deck building is far more important at this game. I learned a lot for my Deck building skills for Yu-Gi-Oh!.
What are your goals for this event?
I’m running SPYRALs this weekend. Currently it’s still the best Deck. We added traps like Solemn Scolding, because we wanted to be prepared for going 1st and we needed to have an out to Evenly Matched. My goal for this event is to at least repeat my success from YCS London. I topped in London and therefore Top 8 is my goal. I’m a very competitive person and setting and achieving goals is one of the main reasons for me to still play the game.
How do you feel about the current format?
I don’t like it a lot. I don’t like a metagame with a lot handtraps, because the risk of bricking is very high. On the other hand, you need to play them to stop opponents plays. I prefer Decks that play real traps and games that go back and forth. My most favorite format of all time was the Nekroz back then. Zoo (after Elder Entity Norden was forbidden) would have been a rewarding format as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t play back then. I kind of regret having missed this format. Zoo could play trap cards and the monsters couldn’t take out the traps.
How did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
The first time I got in touch with the game was in 2008. A few friends of mine were already playing back then and they convinced me to try the game. Ever since I stuck with it. My big goal is to win the World Championship one time and that is one thing that still keeps me motivated. In Venice we have a local shop that I used to playtest. But I’m not ther that much anymore.
Do you have any final words?
Thanks to my close friends Marcello and Stefano who convinced me to return to the game.