Pro-Talk: Interview with Roland Fang

26.11.2017 | 11:12 |

We are here with Roland Fang from the United States. He’s no stranger to Europe, but he’s playing his 1st YCS in Europe and is having a great time so far. Roland is also a World Championship competitor. After Round 9 he was holding an X:2 record still having a shot at Top 32.

Roland Fang


Hi Roland, thanks for the interview. What made you come to Prague?
A couple of friends of mine did decide to come here and I decided to join. This is my first YCS on Euroepan soil and I enjoy it a lot. Yesterday, I finished with a 7:1 record straight heading for Top 32. Unfortunately, I lost my first two Rounds today in the morning. This kind of sucks. I’m basically out of any chances to go Top 32. This is my first time in Prague, so I guess I will take my time and see the city tonight and on Monday. We’ll be leaving on Monday evening so there is plenty of time to hang out.

Did you notice any differences in metagame, playstyle and the event?
I feel like the playstyle is a little bit different. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but it feels different. I also feel like there are far more rogue Decks running around here. In the states everybody is playing the best Deck, so you have a better sense of what to expect. Other than that, the setting is the same and the spirit is very competitive. It is very difficult to finish with good record.
Format-wise I couldn’t notice any differences. In general, I prefer formats like Zoo, where there is one dominant Deck resulting in mirror matches. I feel like the mirror match tends to be more skillful and favors the better player.

What are your goals for this event?
My main goal was to play in a European event for the first time in my life and see all of my friends here in Europe. I have a lot of good friends here and it is amazing to see them again. Going to Top 32 would be amazing, but unfortunately, after losing the last two Rounds, my chances are very low.

How did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I started when I was 16. One of my best friends started playing again and he introduced me to the game. We went to our first events together and ended up playing competitive. My first YCS was YCS Toronto in 2015. It was an amazing experience and ever since I attended a lot more events. My biggest success so far was finishing 2nd at the WCQ in 2017, qualifying for Worlds.
I felt very confident going into the event. It’s not like I was expecting to finish second, but I practiced a lot and felt like I had the best Deck in the room and it really showed. It took me all the way to Worlds!

How was Worlds for you?
I very proud to finish Top 8 at Worlds. I was running Yang Zing Dino for this event, coming up with the idea with my playtesting partner. Me and a friend of mine made a list of all the possible Decks and tried them all out. We tried all the possible Match-Ups and in the course of the playtesting I figured out this specific build.
Denglong was really strong that format and I tried to figure out a way to make best use of him. Usually the Deck sets up Denglong, Tyranno and a set Nine Pillars and that’s a board that is hard to break. It is two negates and a Book of Moon. Hardly, any Deck has the resources to break this board. And Dinos have the capabilities to OTK the following turn.

Do you have any final words?
I really enjoyed YCS Prague and will be coming to more European events. I want to give shoutouts to Team JRB Jobber, to my friend James Chow and Aaron Furman and all friends back at home.