Pro-Talk: Interview with Themis Gkyzis

25.11.2017 | 19:07 |

We are deep into Day 1 of YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2. For our last interview of today we met Themis Gkyzis from Greece. He’s a long time veteran and we met him after Round 6. He’s currently holding an X:1 record being well on his way to the Top 32.



Hi Themis, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. Please tell us how did you come to play Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I first came in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh! when [psv] was released in Europe. A friend of mine introduced me to the game and I started playing actively in 2009. Since 2013 I’m playing competitive and didn’t miss a single major event ever since! When you start to go “pro” your dedication to the game changes a lot. My whole mindset changed and the whole game matters a lot more to me. My experience is a big resource. I know how to prepare for events and new formats. I don’t get nervous a lot, I keep calm and focused. I’ve seen it all and the bubble affects me way less.

Please tell us something about your local community in Greece?
I’m from Athens. It’s the biggest community in Greece. We have 8 locals in the whole city. Overall, there are around 200 people in the whole city. I would say that the average skill Level is higher than in other European countries. Our Nationals are very hard to top. The competitive players are situated mostly in Athens and local players strive to improve and beat them someday. The average Greek players is willing to learn and improve. That’s our key to success.

As a veteran, what was your most favorite event of the year and in general?
My most favorite event was definitely Prague, whether it was this year in March or last year’s event, I really can’t tell. This year, I had a lot of players come here with me. Last year’s Prague was a personal lesson for me. I gained a lot of experience from a friend of mine and I still profit a lot from this. Out of 2017 I would say it was Prague in March. I had a great time with a lot of friends of mine!

Do you have any advice for Duelists who want become better?
Never be satisfied, never give up and strive for more. Open your mind for information. Set a goal and when you reach it, set yourself a new one. Never say to yourself “I’m good enough”. There is always a lesson to learn. Create a playtest group with friends, which share the same goal. Learning from each other is a valuable lesson.

Tell us about your tournament experience
I’m running the best Deck: SPYRAL. It was a joint effort of the team and in particular with Errikos since we playtest a lot. Almost the entire team is playing a similar list. The Side Deck is very unique. It is the spiciest Side Deck I’ve ever played. We side Mind Crush in certain Match-Ups and it was amazing. It was one of the best tech choices we could make. My current record 5:1 and I’m very confident with the Deck. My goal for this event is to strive for the best result and satisfy my hunger.

The event itself is pretty smooth so far. The atmosphere is very relaxed today. It is my 40th trip to Europe from Greece and 38 of them are due to Yu-Gi-Oh!.

How do you feel about the current metagame
It is very diverse and weird. At every diverse format there is usually one best Deck. They have way more options to build up their field and play out their turn. SPYRAL for example, is the most powerful Deck, but it is also vulnerable to tech cards. So, the real challenge is to build a good Deck capable of winning the mirror as well as beat any rogue Decks.

The new Forbidden & Limited list was necessary, but I feel like they should have banned Machine Duplication instead of Quik-Fix. Drone and Set Rotation were really good choices. The list made misplaying even more painful. It is more difficult to combo off and every choice matters. Format-wise I feel like ekroz and Dragon Rulers were the best formats. We basically had a Tier 0 format back then and you almost always came to a point when you reached a war of attrition. You had only grind games which favors the better players.

Do you have and final words
Shoutouts ot team CCG, to Gary White for being the best person in the world and the best person I’ve met through this game.