Pro-Talk: Inverview with Zoe Weber from Switzerland

23.02.2020 | 14:47 |
During Swiss of Day 2 we met Zoe Weber for an interview. Zoe is hailing from Switzerland and she a YCS regular. For this event she picked SPYRAL and is holding a 9:1:1 record. That means she’s safe for Top 64. We talked about why she picked SPYRAL for this event and how she feels as one of the few female Duelists.




Hi Zoe, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. The first thing we would like to know is, how did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
People around me were playing the game quite excessively. At some point I started watching them play and decided to join them at our locals. This decision set the starting point for my career. I decided to pick up the game up myself. I started with Dragunity as my Deck of choice. At the beginning I was just playing casually, but started to play competitive soon after What I like about Yu-Gi-Oh! is, it’s the most complex game of all. It is faster and you have to stay smart. The game is th least forgiving of all. A small missplay may cost you the game!
What was your biggest success?
I had a few Regional Tops prior to this. I made Top 8 at the huge Regional in Cologne with more than 700 people for example. Then I had another Top 8 at the LLDS Stage 2 in Italy. Until today, these were my biggest accomplishments. I’m very happy that I finally made it to the top cut of a YCS. I’ve been bubbling out a few times, but finally, I kept my focus!
How is it as a woman going to big events?
I do get underestimated very often. People see a woman and tend to think it’s an autowin for them. But I’m as competitive as anybody else. My goal is to do good and finally top a YCS! I want to improve as a player and I feel it’s kind of sad, that I have to prove more than a male player. However, I hope I am a role-model for other female Duelists. I hope that more women pick up the game and start attending YCSs.
What Deck are you running for this weekend?
SPYRAL – it was the Deck that I was most familiar with going into this event. I had little time for playtesting, so I decided to pick something I felt confident with. In hindsight, I also think that it was the best Deck to pick for a metagame like this. We are currently experiencing a wide open format with a very diverse metagame. In formats like this it is always best to pick the most powerful Deck and in my opinion that’s SPYRAL.
How do you feel about the current metagame
Actually, I prefer less variety in the metagame for big events. It’s easier to prepare and it is less dependent on match-ups and luck in general. Side Deck space is tight, and I cannot prepare for all the possible match-ups. So, from a competitive standpoint less Decks are better. From a tournament perspective I understand that a more diverse metagame sells better. It will make the game more attractive to casual players and they might even pick up cards again.
How do feel about the new rulings update for April 2020?
I’m a big fan of change. I like when I’m forced to rethink my game and my Decks. I also like to play different formats and Deck overall. It helps me to improve as a player. Overall, I’m looking forward to it.
Do you have any tips for other women on how to improve?
My first suggestion is: attend as much events as possible and keep on playing. Experience is key and loosing is part of the game. Every loss is valuable experience. Of course, it matters how you handle the loss. I feel like reflecting on what happened and to change accordingly will only make you a better Duelist. The other thing is: find a playtesting and travel group. It’s a lot more fun if you a group of people sharing the same interest and goals. It helps with preparation and the events are more fun.
Do you have any final words
Shoutouts to all the people that came here with me and to Mirijam and Viktoria who are always there for me.