Pro-Talk: Joshua Oosters from the Netherlands

Joshua Oosters is from the Netherlands and a two times Dutch National Champion. He usually attends all the YCS in Europe and started to go to the States as well. In this interview we will talk about his past YCS experience, his preparation for this event and his newly formed team.
Joshua Oosters[abstand]

[b] Hi Joshua, first of all I would like to know how you did get in touch with [ygo]? [/b]

[quote] Way back when I was a little kid, I was watching the Anime and it was really cool! I played with my friends making up our own rules, because we didn’t have a clue on how the game works. At some point, I actually grew out of it. At college I had spare time and heard about a store in Rotterdam that was hosting [ygo] events. We were surprised that there were so many people still playing the game. That must have been in 2012 when Abyss Rising was released. I got myself the fire fist deck which was the first good deck I ever played. I got hooked ever since![/quote]

[b] What keeps you going? Is it the community or is it the game itself? [/b]

[quote] Actually, it is a little bit of everything that keeps me going. You make so many great friends on the road. Then there is the technical play during events and the deck building when preparing for an event. Of course, the travelling is a crucial part of the whole YCS experience as well. It gives me a reason to go to places.

Of all the events the one in Niagara Falls was the one I enjoyed the most. It was such a beautiful place to be at. The waterfalls were amazing, and it was some sort of mini holiday for me. I went there with a whole group of friends like Jake, Raphael, Darren and Hassan and we had a great time there.


[b] How important is the travelling aspect to you? [/b]

It’s one of the most important parts of the whole experience. I spend all of my holidays for [ygo] trips. It takes a lot of effort to plan with work, because I cannot take off anytime I want to. However, I try my best to be at every event in Europe and also take part in some US events as well. At some day I want to go to all the other continents and take part in a YCS in South America and Australia. [/quote]

[b] Did you notice any differences between the United States and Europe? [/b]

[quote]There are lot of differences between Europe and the States. First of all, the coverage: EU coverage is a lot better than the one in the States. Competition-wise I feel like it is harder to make the top cut in Europe but harder to win a whole event in the States. And one other thing I noticed is that people in the States come up to you to talk to you more easily. It feels like they are more open to new people. But it might have to do with me being from Europe. I’m not sure.

[b] What are you running for this event? [/b]

[quote] I’m running something spicy for this event: Magical Musketeers. My current record is 4:1 and I feel pretty confident with it. Basically, there is two reasons for me to run this deck: I really like to play off the wall decks that are not very well known. I’ve been playing Striker since February for every event and it felt like it was time for something new.

The other reason is that there are a lot of cards played in the current format that a lot of people have access to like Dweller, Nibiru and Super Poly and none of these cards affect my deck. So basically, all the current tech cards are useless against my deck.

Most people don’t have a clue what the cards do. They have to read each card and don’t know how to play against it. They don’t know my key plays so they don’t know when or how stop my plays. It literally happened to me last round. I was playing against a guy running Thunder Dragons and he told me the only way for me to win is by banishing his graveyard. Well, I had access to Dancing Needle and banished 3 of his key cards from the graveyard. That’s how I won the match!

[b] How did you prepare for this event?[/b]

[quote] I’ve spent a lot of time playtesting different decks. I tried Burning Abyss, Striker, True Draco, but all the decks didn’t feel right to me. A few months ago, before YCS Portland when Multirole went to one I thought that Striker wouldn’t be good anymore. I remembered a Magical Musketeer Link Monster that was really good. So, I started testing the deck, but during preparation I found out that Sky Striker were still good. So, I decided to pick it up again. Then Anchor went to one with the last list and I felt like I was in the same situation like a few weeks ago. I had to start testing again and finally decided to take Magical Musketeer to this YCS.

[b] Let’s talk about your current team. There have a few changes taking place recently. What happened? [/b]
Well, we reformed the Team after having issues with a sponsor. CCG is still a well known brand in the community. We want to keep attracting good players, but we also want to be friends with each other and have a good time. Currently the team consists of Tom Viergutz, Lorenzo Roma, Lorenzo Santoni, Federico Mecozzi, Hassan El Ghalbzouri, Luke Parks and Tom Paine. We are always keeping an eye out for new players. Our goal as a team is to promote competitive play and help players to improve in a fun way. [/quote]

[b]Do have any final words?[/b]

[quote] Shoutouts to my Team CCG, to the Dutch community and a special shoutout to my opponent from Round 4. We played the Magical Musketeer Mirror Match!


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