Pro-Talk: Michael Angel Duke from Australia

27.10.2019 | 9:43 |
After his impressive victory in Round 7 we met Michael Angel Duke. He came all the way from Australia to take part in YCS London. But that’s not the only amazing fact about him. He also brought a very unique Deck to this event: Heros!


Michael Angel Duke


Hi Michael, how is your experience in London so far?
This is my first time in Europe, and it has been very exciting. Everything is different, the language, the currency, the architecture. Ever since I’ve attended my first YCS, I wanted to play at a European event. Europe is very different than Australia. The events are a lot bigger, nearly twice the size, there is a lot more staff in case you need help and the schedule is a lot tighter.
How did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
I started the game when I was a child. In 2011 I started to play on a competitive Level. Some friends from high school started playing again. They told me about our local store and we went there to play some duels. I enjoyed it so much that I kept on. My most favorite format was Fire First vs. Mermail. The mirror matches turned out to be very grindy. That also was the first time I started to see success on a regional Level.
What Deck did you bring to YCS London?
I decided to bring Heros! It is the one Deck that I’m most familiar with. I’m constantly keeping up with the new cards and after the latest Forbidden and Limited List, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to learn all the other Decks. So, I decided to run something I was more familiar with. It turned out to be a great choice, since the Deck caught a lot of people off guard. Unlimiting Stratos was a bold move and more than overdue, but Malicious is far more important for the Deck. Currently, I’m holding a 5:2 record and I will be on the bubble for the rest of the event. To be honest, I never finished a YCS without being on the bubble. So, I’m kind of used to the situation. Still, I would like to make it to top cut for once.
How are your Match ups?
I just had a Feature Match in Round 7 where I faced my worst nightmare: Thunder Dragons. The Deck is my hardest match-up, because Colossus stops a lot of my Deck. I can’t search lot of my key cards which makes it pretty hard to beat. During the Feature Match I was pretty lucky to topdeck the Mask Change. Salamangreat and Orcust are my most favorable match-ups. I can play easily though their set up.
What were your expectations going into this event?
Well, Heros is not the most competitive strategy, so I was expecting to barely make it to top cut or bubble out yet again. At the moment I am where I thought I would be. Until now, I never finished a YCS without being on the bubble.
How is the community in Australia in general?
Our community is spread over different areas, which are quite far apart. Australia is a large country and we have long distances to cover. Me and my friends we come from the Sidney area and we usually meet at Gametraders McArthur Square. There is roughly 30 people each weekend. The community has been growing a lot since we have a YCS once a year.
Are you going to see London?
We arrived in London on Thursday and took some time to see the city. After the YCS we will move on to Amsterdam and spend a few days there. The whole travelling thing is a crucial part of the YCS experience for me. It’s all about hanging out with friends, go to different places and have fun.
Do you have any final words?
Shoutouts to the guys who came here with me: Cameron, Sebastian, Darren and Ollie and everyone at my locals back home.