Pro-Talk: Paul Schuffenecker from France

30.11.2019 | 18:33 |

We are already deep into Day 1 of YCS Milan 2019 and we spoke to Paul Schuffenecker, who’s been second at the “Race for Worlds” during the 2018/2019 season. He’s also a YCS regular and decided to take the chance and talk to him after Round 6.


Paul Schuffenecker


Hi Paul, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. The first thing we would like to know is, how did you get in touch with Yu-Gi-Oh!?
For me, it all started with the Anime. When I was young, the Anime was shown on TV and I was watching it every Saturday morning. One day, my brother and me we decided to buy structure Decks. He bought himself the Harpie Structure Deck and I decided to get Dark Magician and started Dueling at home. That was basically the start to my Yu-Gi-Oh! career. Then, I met a friend who introduced me to our local game store, and I’ve been playing ever since. My first bigger success was topping our France National. This gave me the self-confidence to decide and attend Euros and YCS later on.

What keeps you going?
Yu-Gi-Oh! is constantly evolving. The game never stays the same and you have to keep adapting constantly. The metagame keeps on changing and it keeps the game interesting. Lately, I started travelling to the United States. The States have been unknown ground and I enjoyed the experience a lot. The travelling makes you experience a lot of weird stuff and do all kinds of crazy things like returning from events late in the evening just to be in the office on Monday morning.

What was your biggest success?
I was running for Worlds in the 18/19 season, but it ended very unfortunate for me. The Points Playoff was Single-Elimination and I had to pick up a very unfortunate loss. Then, I tried to qualify via the European Championship and lost in Top 32. So, during Euros I came close to my ultimate goal twice within only three days! Still, I would call being second in point in the “race for worlds” my biggest success. I t proves that you have been consistent for a long period of time. You have a very good vision of the metagame and understand it thoroughly.
For this season I’m already out since London didn’t got too well for me. The upside of all this is, I feel a lot less pressure for the rest of the season and play mainly for fun and enjoy hanging out. Even though the race was exhausting and very challenging, it is a great opportunity and I would advise anybody to try it if get the chance to. It is definitely worth the adventure.

What Deck are you running for this weekend?
I’m running Orcust Sky Striker for Milan. The Orcust engine brings new combos and outs to the Deck. I feel like people are not prepared for this version and I hope to gain advantage from it. It makes the Deck a lot more explosive and can out almost everything. The I:P Masquerena play for example is almost the strongest play it the current meta.

How do you feel about the current metagame
I like it. There are a lot of Orcust around, but it’s ok. This is the end of the season and the metagame is almost solved. There are two strong Decks and almost everyone who wants to be successful picks up either one of those. I pretty sure the next list will fix this situation. In my opinion Engage and Orcust Harp Horror need to get limited. That would solve a lot of problems and allow other Decks to rise and shine. Dragonmaid for example look very interesting to me, but the currently the Deck is not competitive enough.

How do you prepare for events?
I play a lot of locals, Regionals and theorize a lot. I’m check online to see what’s going on in different regions of the world to gain insight and new ideas. In our team, we discuss a lot of strategy to gain an advantage over our opponents. Being on a good team is very helpful to me. In the past, I missed changes in the metagame and my team helps out a lot. It is like more brains working together, you get better ideas and different opinions. That’s very important!

Do you have any tips for new Duelists on how to improve?
Go to locals, play a lot of duels and meet and talk to people. Try to play different Decks and get to know all the Decks in the metagame. I also feel like it is important to find a Deck that suits your playstyle. I like to run control Decks with traps and I feel uncomfortable without one. But, don’t forget to play other Decks as well in order to understand the matchups. And last but not least the most important advice: “Never be sure of something!” If you are sure that your Deck is the best one for the next event, you are on the wrong track. There is always cards and combos that you didn’t think about.

Do you have any final words
Shoutouts to my Team Bendo Card Player and everyone who supported at my travelling and my race for worlds.