Pro-Talk: Sebastian Brown from Gibraltar

At the top tables we found Sebastian Brown. He’s hailing from Gibraltar holding an X:1 record going into Round 7. In this interview we spoke about the [ygo] community in Gibraltar, his recent success in Spain and his unorthodox deck.


[b] Hi Sebastian, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. First off, I would like to know about the community in Gibraltar. How big is it?[/b]

[quote]In Gibraltar we have roughly three good players and maybe ten in total. So, the community is rather small. I moved to Spain recently and I live in Alicante at the moment. That’s were I attend my locals as well. I’ve met the guys from my team Nefilim Card Gaming there. We were quite successful lately winning the Spanish National Championship. It was our first Premier Event win and now we are looking for some YCS tops.

The Spanish community is a little bit smaller, but the advantage is that everyone knows each other. We go to events and have fun with together. That’s great! I also feel like the Spanish community is rather underrepresented at the moment. We are better than the results show.

[b] What were your expectations going into this event? [/b]

[quote] I don’t like to set my personal goals too high. I feel like topping a YCS in Europe would be a big achievement and that’s something I strive for. But it would not be very realistic to expect this from me in my current situation.

I’ve been going to YCS consistently for a year now. My biggest success so far was topping my National last year. It was the first I’ve went too. That’s pretty good since I’m only playing for two years. [/quote]

[b] How did you get started with [ygo]? [/b]

[quote] I used to watch the anime and collect the cards for a while before I started the game. I never thought about going to events and play the game competitively. A friend invited me to a tournament and lent me a deck. It was Gravekeepers and I didn’t know anything about the deck. He even had to remind me to draw a card in the draw phase.

After that I started playing for fun with friends and we were messing around. I went to my first National and invested a little money into the game. Topping a Regional right before gave me enough confidence to do good at my Nationals as well. I found out that I’m pretty good at the game and become motivated to achieve higher goals. My team invited me to join and that was the start to my competitive career.[/quote]

[b] What deck are you playing for this event? [/b]

[quote]I brought something spicy for this event: True Draco Sky Striker. All my friends told me that was a crazy idea and to just go with pure. But me and a friend of mine we tested the deck a lot and it turned out that it can be pretty powerful. The Draco engine serves as a draw engine to fill up the graveyard with spells and as an interruption during my opponents turn. I feel like it complements the Sy Striker engine very well. My big advantage is that the deck has the surprise factor. My opponents usually don’t know what they are up against and tend to waste their handtrap on diagram for example. Then I’m free to use my Engage and go off after that. [/quote]

[b] How about your Match-Ups?[/b]

[quote]My worst matchup is Thunder Dragons Game 1. But I prepared a lot for it and have Sphere Mode and Mine in my Side Deck to beat them Game 2. Other than that, I don’t have too many bad Match-Ups.

I’ve already faced some Thunder Dragons today and won all of them. My only loss so far was against a full Orcust combo.[/quote]

[b]Do have any final words?[/b]

[quote]Shoutouts to my Team Nefilim Card Gaming, to the guy that made the template of the deck Dominik and our National Champion Eiki Fecht for playtesting and helping theorize. [/quote]

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