Player Profile: Yu-Gi-Oh! with handicap: Daniel Wijnands, Belgium

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME needs many skills like strategic thinking, fast reactions and a good memory. Imagine all this without seeing the cards you (and your opponent) are playing.

Daniel Wijnands from Belgium is 20 and has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! since it first came out in Belgium in 2002. Back then, he chose it because he liked the complicated playing and was then taught the game  by his brother. One thing that distinguishes him from other players is that Daniel is blind and cannot see the cards that are played.

Therefore, a Konami staff member helps him by naming the cards he draws and which the opponent plays. When the card name has been called, Daniel knows the effects of both players’ cards by heart.

While the first Deck Daniel owned was Starter Deck Kaiba, he is currently playing a Blackwing Deck which so far brought 3 wins after the fifth round. His favourite card, or “Signature Card” as Daniel calls it himself, though, is “Destiny End Dragon”. This was also a major part of the “Destiny End” Deck that he used to play successfully at many different events. With this experience with the game, he is now leading a group of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans which play together in his home town.

Daniel, who is also a drummer in a Metal band, and his friend, who accompanied him to Bochum, are already looking forward to the next YCS and hope they can be at this next big event, too. Beside the fun of the game, they also consider this a good opportunity to have some nice city trips throughout the year.

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