Public Event Pandemonium!

14.08.2011 | 17:25 |

The Finals of both the Card as well as the Videogame World Championship have been concluded and we want to congratulate Lee Jong-Hwan and Takashi Ogawa once more! However, there are still events underway and we want to introduce you to one of the more than 70 Win-A-Mat Champions!

Over the duration of the whole weekend, we had a whopping 89 (!) Win-A-Mat tournaments! Keep in mind that all of those Mats have basically been given out for free as we didn't charge any sign up costs!

We also offered Duelists a chance to secure a spot in next year's World Championship Qualifiers as we held 2 Regionals. Add another 78 Win-A-Pack tournaments, a few Duelist Leagues, 6 Dragon Duel Events and you'll end up with more than 2000 matches that have been played in this very venue over the course of the weekend!


The venue was packed with Public Event participants!

The venue was packed with Public Event participants!


I stopped by at the Side Event Registration and waited for the next of the Win-A-Mat tournaments to conclude. It was won by none other than Nick Drahorad, one of the most successful Duelists from this year's European Continental Championship who ended up in the 6th place, only 1 place short of earning himself a spot in the World Championship Main Event! Let's ask Nick about his World Championship experience.

Nick, you almost participated in the World Championship Main Event. It's great that you showed up regardless, did you have an enjoyable time in Amsterdam?

Playing was lots of fun this weekend, although I hoped I would find some more cards for my collection. I won 3 Win-A-Mat tournaments as well as 10 Win-A-Pack tournaments, so I'm quite happy with my performance.

Nick Drahorad, showing off some of his prizes!

Nick Drahorad, showing off some of his prizes!

Was there anything else that was standing out in your opinion?

I really liked the Token Feature! I had a few done and will certainly use them in the upcoming tournaments!

What are your goals for the next season?

It's a little like starting from scratch; I want to qualify for the Nationals again, then there's the European Championship and I really hope I'll then be able to also make it to Worlds!

So is this your big dream? Becoming a World Champion one day?

I would be happy if I could first win a National Championship. The next step would then be the World Champion!

Do you want to greet some of your friends?

I want to send some greets to Steffen Reitz, Joshua Schmidt, my father and everyone who cheered for me during the European Championship!