Public Event Playoff Winners

30.10.2016 | 19:43 |

At Premier Events there are various chances of winning a Super-Rare copy of the current prize card – in this case [93] . Let’s see who the winners are from YCS Liverpool!

Public Events Points Playoff:

Points winner[abstand]
[b]Name:[/b] Harald Rose

[b]Country: [/b] Germany, Berlin
[b]Deck:[/b] ABC – I feel like it’s the best at the moment. I won the mirror match in the finals.
[b]Final Words?[/b] I want to give shoutouts to my locals and Tim, the owner of the store.
Public Events Random Playoff:

Random Winner[abstand]
[b]Name:[/b] Zahab Shah

[b]Country:[/b] UK, Harlow
[b]Deck:[/b] ABC – I think it’s the best for a big event like this.
[b]Final Words?[/b] Shoutouts to Tier Zero gaming for helping me out and practice and teach me the game.

Congratulations to our winners – don’t forget that whenever you attend a Premier Event you also have the chance to take home a copy of the prize card just by competing in Public Events throughout the weekend!