Public Event Playoff Winners!

Even though Day 2 of the main event is only open to those who were successful, there are still more opportunities to win the Ascension Sky Dragon prize card. Two lucky Duelists were able to fight their way through the Public Event Playoff in order to secure a copy of the prize card for themselves!

David Gillett is a 24 year old Duelist from Brisbane, Australia. He won his Public Event Playoff matches using his Qliphort Deck in order to take home his very own Ascension Sky Dragon. Well done David!



Ash Garin-Michaud is 23, and he’s come to YCS Sydney from Brisbane. He was lucky enough to get into the Public Event Playoff, but skilful enough to win the tournament with his Shaddoll Artifact Deck! Congratulations for winning your very own Ascension Sky Dragon, Ash!


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