Public Event Roundup

10.05.2014 | 10:30 |

If you don’t feel like you’re ready to face the awesome challenge that is the National Championship there is still plenty for you to do! We have many events open to the public that’s sure to test your skills and get a chance to win some fantastic loot!

Primal Origin Sneak Peek


Entry: £17.50
Starts: Every 16 Players signed up

Want to get a look at the new set before it hits the shelves? Then enter our Sneak Peeks! You’ll get five booster packs of Primal Origin to play with and get an advantage over all your friends! You can only play in one per day so good luck on getting what you want!

Double Display Duel

Win yourself Legacy of the Valiant!

Win yourself Legacy of the Valiant!

Entry: £8.00
Starts: 15.00PM and 17.00PM

Everyone likes more cards and with this tournament you can win yourself two booster displays of Legacy of the Valiant! This is an advanced format tournament that has a top four elimination! It’s all serious business, so bring your Deck and feel the flow!

Pegasus Challenge

Entry: £8.00
Starts: Sunday 10.00AM

Every player that enters this tournament will receive two packs and attempt to win the ultimate prize… More packs! The winner of this tournament will win 100 packs! 100 PACKS! Get in there and you could in for a chance at a massive windfall!


Win yourself a fabulous mat! The judge is not included

Win yourself a fabulous mat!

Entry: £8.00
Starts: Every 16 Players signed up

As with most European events we find ourselves in the midst of the wildly popular ‘Win-a-Mat’ tournaments! If you feel your table is bare when you’re playing your favourite Monster Cards then you need to get yourself into this! The winner of each of these tournaments will walk away with a shiny new Game Mat!

8 Player Knockouts

Entry: £4.00 Constructed, £20 for Sealed Pack and £19 for Draft Pack
Starts: Every 8 Players signed up

Each player will get a booster for entering the tournament and has the possibility to win some more! If you’re after some fun and booster packs, this is the casual tournament for you!

Sealed Pack Masterclass

Learn how to play sealed!

Learn how to play sealed!

Players are invited to take a Sealed Pack Masterclass to learn how to play sealed pack format and could get a chance to play in a free sealed pack event to show off what they’ve learned!