Public Event update!

17.12.2011 | 15:40 |

While the majority of Duelists are still competing in the main event, there’s plenty of people taking part in Public Events here at YCS Brighton, and here’s a quick update on how they’re getting on!

Duelists can win a YCS prize card through Public Events!

Here's 2 of the Win-A-Mat prizes on offer...

...and here's the third!

Duelists can also compete on WCQ Regionals and win this one!

Choose whichever language cards you like!

Win-A-Mat Duelists in action.

Here's one of the Win-A-Mat finals...

...and here's the winner, Welsh Duelist Ashley Brown!

Our Public Event Judges can answer anybody's questions, especially when these 2 speak 5+ languages each!

The first WCQ Regional of the day is about to start.

Duelists have been putting a wall of Pinecono together!