Public Events and Dragon Duel at the WCQ: European Championship

The WCQ: European Championship offers an exciting program not only to the Duelists qualified to the main event. For those who can’t participate in the main event, there will be a multitude of public events and side attractions all day long. Many of those events are free of charge and offer Booster Packs or Turbo Packs as participation prizes, and you shouldn’t miss the chance to Duel in at least one of them!

One of the most important public events is the European Dragon Duel Championship, where Duelists born 1997 or later can compete for the European title and for prizes similar to the main event prizes (for example, a Dark End Dragon for the winner!). No prior qualification is necessary, so take your chance to Duel against players from across Europe! The Dragon Duel event starts at 11:00 on Saturday and is free of charge.

Also on Saturday, Duelists get the chance to win accomodation in the Birmingham Hilton hotel for the duration of the EC. This “win-a-room” event is also free of charge and starts at 11:00.

Sunday’s first big events will offer flight and accomodation to the first European Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS), held in Germany in September, as well as a huge number of the brand-new Turbo Pack 3.

Apart from those individual events, there will be 8-player knockout tournaments, Duelist League events, and 16-player Win-a-Mat tournaments (while supplies last) all weekend long, as well as two Sealed Deck events each day. These events will be run as Open Dueling events like a Sneak Peek, and will offer similar prizes as those.

If you win any Public Event on Saturday or Sunday, you will, in addition to the regular prizes, win a qulification to Sunday’s “King of Public Events” tournament. This single-elimination event offers additional Turbo Pack 3 boosters  to the participants, and an exclusive trophy for the winner!

You see, attending the EC will be a blast for everyone – even if you’re not qualified to the main event, you are very welcome to drop by and celebrate your favourite trading card game with Duelists from all across Europe!

You can find a schedule with more detailled information for each event here.

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