Public Events: Different possibilities of Duelling

As already described, the YCS trials and the Turbo Pack 3 Knockout are played at the WCQ: European Championship for those who do not attend the final rounds. For everyone who is in the mood for some casual Duelling against different European players and winning cool prizes, there are some more Public Event tournaments:

Duelist League

The Duelist League is a special programme for Duelists 14 years and younger. These events are held at local stores and also here at the EC. They are specially created for younger players looking for casual action and challenging other young European players.

8-Man Knockout Tournaments

Looking for a basic, fast-paced tournament following a knockout-system? The 8-Man Knockout Tournaments is the game to play! Besides some fast action, the EC also offers the opportunity to Duel against many different players during one program.


Guess what’s the prize for the winners? Players can win one of two cool EC-related mats in a knockout-tournament.

Sealed Deck

The Sealed Deck casual events offer a gameplay that is well-known from the Sneak Peeks: Players do not bring their own decks but get boosters from which they build the deck they will play with – and of course they can keep the boosters afterwards.

Additionally, at the end, there will be the King of Public Events tournament. There, the winners of all Public Events get the chance to Duel against each other and become “King of Public Events”. – Watch out for more about this later on!

The Public Events offer different tournament forms to the players
Meeting new people makes the duels even more interesting
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