Public Events: Giant “Pot of Duality” joins his normal-sized brothers in France

26.09.2010 | 17:35 |
12-year-old Leeroy Bitbol from France is the proud winner of the "Attack of the Giant Card!!" favourite "Pot of Duality"! Many Duelists looked wishfully at the oversized "Pot of Duality" that was displayed near the event registration. While already the normal-sized "Pot of Duality" is high in demand, the giant version is even more popular today. The lucky and skillful winner is Leeroy Bitbol who is already known after he had reached the third place in 2009 and the second place in 2010 in the Dragon Duel at the European Championship. Leeroy is a real fan of "Pot of Duality", proudly displaying all the copies he and his family already owns. The oversized one will now decorate the talented player's room home in France.