Public Events: Italy will soon have a giant Chaos Sorcerer

17.07.2011 | 17:18 |

Today’s first giant card will make its way to Italy: 45-year old Michele Quarantelli from Parma has won the weekend’s third “Attack of the Giant Card!”.
Quarantelli had originally been on a business trip to the USA where he then also successfully participated in a Regional Qualifier by which he qualified for the European Championship.
During the Main Event, he played a Mystic Piper Deck but for participating in the Public Event today, he switched to an Anti-Meta Falcon Control type Deck.
Chaos Sorcerer has been one of Quarantelli’s favorite cards and now that it’s not semi-limited anymore, he plays three of them in his Mystic Plant Deck; thus it was easy for him to choose the giant card which will now either go into the shop where Quarantelli is usually playing or, more likely, into his son’s bedroom.

Italy's Michele Quarantelli who had qualified for Madrid in the USA and now brings home a Chaos Sorcerer