Public Events: Meet Filipe Benedetto, our YCS Trial Winner!

28.04.2013 | 18:54 |

Let’s shift focus to the YCS Trial! This event is run at each YCS on the Sunday and the champion is rewarded with flights, accommodation and entry to the next YCS. This time we had 66 Duelists facing off over 7 rounds of Swiss and now we can crown our champion: Filipe Benedetto of Portugal!

Filipe used his Fire Fist Deck to battle through the rounds today and be crowned the champion. Facing off against Prophecy, Fire Fist, Inzektor, Frog Monarch, HERO and Mermail he kept faith in his build utilising Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon and Fire Formation - Tensen to emerge victorious!

“I had to play really well today to win, I thought I was going to lose the first two rounds. Against Prophecy my opponent started really well with The Grand Spellbook Tower and against Fire Fist he opened with Rescue Rabbit in both games!”

He has been using the Fire Fist Deck since it first came out, and believes that his build is better than your average Joe’s because of the underrated strength of Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon. In the YCS yesterday he ended up with a result of 4 wins, but is really glad that he got to play in the YCS Trial today and win his ticket to the next European YCS!

This is only his second YCS – he played last year in Barcelona and has been looking to improve ever since, winning his first WCQ: Regional tournament in Portugal this year with Fire Fist. Filipe will be attending the WCQ: European Championship 2013 in Frankfurt where he will be looking to play the new Evilswarm cards released in Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars !


Benedetto showing off the cards that helped him win today!

Benedetto showing off the cards that helped him win today!


At every event the YCS Trial is one of the most highly contended tournaments of day 2, and this time was no different. Congratulations to our winner, FIlipe Benedetto, and we look forward to catching up with him in Frankfurt!