Public Events: Meet Rohan Patel, our Dragon Duel Champion!

28.04.2013 | 17:17 |
At every YCS it's great to see our younger players excelling at the game. For this reason we have the Dragon Duel tournament where only players born in 2000 or later can enter! After 5 fun rounds of Dueling, we have a Dragon Duel winner at YCS Lille: Rohan Patel! You may remember Rohan Patel from previous coverage articles, most recently when he won the Dragon Duel Championship at YCS Bochum! Well he's back again, and not wanting to fix what isn't broken he has taken another title! Rohan, who plays normally in London, is 11 years old and plays with his brother Marcus. He travels with his father Kish who always attends events all over Europe with the boys. You may remember them from our article at the WCQ: European Championship 2012. He won today using his Fire Fist Deck to battle through 5 rounds of Swiss and come out as the champion! I had a chat with Rohan to find out more about when he started playing the game!
Rohan is one of the UK's top up-and-coming young Duelists!

Rohan is one of the UK's top up-and-coming young Duelists!


How long have you been playing the ygo TCG?
I have been playing for 3 years, I started because I watched the TV show and really wanted to get involved!
How long have you played Fire Fist for?
I've used it for the last month or so, my brother uses it and he does well at loads of tournaments so I wanted to use it too! I used to play with Dino Rabbit but wouldn't go back now I've started playing with Fire Fist!
Have you ever tried getting your father to play?
Yes, we keep trying to get him to play but he doesn't like playing because we keep beating him!
What was your favourite part of the YCS?
Entering and winning this Dragon Duel!


It's great to see such up and coming Duelists doing so well and learning every step of the way. We will definitely see Rohan at the WCQ: European Championship 2013 in Frankfurt and look forward to catching up with him there! Good luck to all our young Duelists competing in future events and we look forward to bringing you updates on the next Dragon Duel Championship!

Congratulations to Rohan Patel, our Dragon Duel Champion!