Public Events: Milan’s first winner of a Giant Card!

20.11.2010 | 19:47 |

The first Giant Card of Italy’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series has found its new owner:
In the only “ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!” event of today, UK’s Luke Rushton was successful with his Blackwing Deck or, as he playfully calls them, his “Birds”.

Luke came here from England with his friends Jamie and Andrew and will now return with an additional over-sized Drill Warrior card.
The successful winner also wants to say hi to his friends back in Hampstead who couldn’t make it to Milan this weekend but who will surely congratulate Luke, not only on this great prize but also on being the first person from England to win a Giant Card.

Drill Warrior is the first Giant Card that makes its way to England

Tomorrow there will be more Duels for Giant Cards…let’s watch out which card are available and who will be the lucky person to win them.