Public Events Playoff Winner

30.06.2019 | 18:13 |
Off all the participants at our Public Events, we picked 4 of them at random to take part in our Public Events Playoff. All you have to do to be eligible is to enter a single Public Event and little bit of luck to get picked. The winner will take home a Super Rare copy of the current YCS prize card.


public events
Name: Kimi Taimi Age: 25 Country: Finland How do you feel right now? Pretty good, because my tech choice worked very well for the first time the whole weekend. I added Super Polymerisation and Starving Venom Dragon and the combo finally won me this prize card. What Deck did play today? Salamangreat! I play the Deck since the cards were released. I feel like the Deck is the most versatile in the current meta and it’s able to recover from almost any board state. It doesn’t have to stop playing when one card gets negated. Any last words? Shoutouts Team Naamataulun sulatus inc. and Jaakko who came her with me.