Public Events Playoff Winner

26.10.2019 | 12:56 |
This YCS we had a big surprise for you: since we hosted so many Public Events on Friday we decided to run a Public Events Playoff for Friday as well. So you got one more chance to win a Super Rare copy of the current YCS Prize Card. Our first YCS Prize Card winner is Kevin Züger from Switzerland.


Kevin Züger


Name: Kevin Züger Age: 27 Country: Switzerland How do you feel right now? I’ve got mixed feelings right now. On the one hand I’m very happy to have won this card. On the other hand, I’m feeling stressed because I still have to fill in my Decklist for tomorrow. And there are only 40 minutes left to register. What Deck did play today? Orcust Pure – I guess I will run a similar Deck for tomorrow. The Public Events were a great chance to playtest under real circumstances and I already found out what I want to change. How do you feel about the Playoffs in general? The Playoffs caught me completely off guard. I was playing in the Mega Regional when my name was announced. I had to decide weather to quit or play on. I felt my chance of winning the playoff where pretty good, so I quit the Mega Regional to play at the playoff. In the end it was the right decision to make. Any last words? Shoutouts to my Team G.Y.M, to my girlfriend at home and thanks to Konami for these great events.