Public Events Playoff Winner

01.12.2019 | 18:28 |
If you have entered any Public Event have the chance to get picked for the Public Events Playoff. This time Leonard König from Germany was the lucky guy!


Leonard König
Name: Leonard König Age: 23 Country: Germany How do you feel right now? Great, I was very nervous and wanted to support my friends. WE were playing in the 3v3 and needed one more win to take home a Giant Card. When I heard my name getting called out to participate in the Playoff I needed to leave them on their own. But both of them did a great job and beat Team G.Y.M. Thanks Oliver Lukenda and Sebastian Zimmermann for making this possible. What Deck did play today? Sky Striker Orcust, it is the Deck with highest ceiling in the current metagame and you have to play it since it will always win. How do you feel about the Playoffs in general? I’s great fun, it can turn around bad days into great days within seconds. Any last words? Shoutouts to Team Olli Baba and Team Trent and Max van Nijverseel.