Public Events Playoff Winner

At Premier Events there are various chances of winning a Super-Rare copy of the current prize card – in this case Number 89: Diablosis the Mind Hacker . Let’s see who the winners are from YCS Bochum!

Public Events Random Playoff:
Justice Barnett
[b]Name:[/b] Justice Barnett

[b]Country: [/b] UK, Jordans

[b]Deck:[/b] I played 60 cards Lightsworn Plants – I changed the deck. I entered the Main Event with a Pendulum FTK deck, but it was a very poor choice for this event. The deck was designed for YCS Atlanta where nobody knew it. Here in Bochum people came prepared. It is more susceptible to losing to the handtraps than pure magician.
[b]Final Words?[/b] Shoutouts to Ben, Matt and Bill for lending me the deck and for convincing me to come to this event and everyone from Portsmouth locals for lending me cards to play in the main event.

Public Events Points Playoff:

Joshua Oosters

[b]Name:[/b] Joshua Oosters
[b]Country:[/b] Netherlands
[b]Deck:[/b] Lightsworn Zombie – I should have played the same list in the Main Event.
[b]Final Words?[/b] Shoutouts to Raphael Neven, to Tom and Complexity Card Gaming. I had to play Raphael in the finals and we had a very relaxed game, all the time joking and having fun.

Congratulations to our winners – don’t forget that whenever you attend a Premier Event you also have the chance to take home a copy of the current YCS prize card just by competing in Public Events throughout the weekend!

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