Public Events Playoff Winners

24.09.2018 | 11:52 |
At Premier Events there are various chances of winning a Super-Rare copy of the current prize card – in this case we are giving out Chaos Emperor, the Dragon of Armageddon for the first time ever! These guys are the first ever to own a copy. Let’s see who the winners are from YCS Utrecht! Public Events Random Playoff: Anestis Xanidis


Name: Anestis Xanidis Age: 23 Country: Greece How do you feel right now? I’m feeling good! When my name was called out to play at the Public Events Playoff, I was duelling in the Attack of the Giant Card. This put me into a weird situation, because I had to decide whether I wanted to take my chances at the playoff or play on in the Giant Card. In the end I’m glad I made the right decision. What Deck did play today? Pure Sky Striker Any last words? Shoutouts to the Greek skype call and Christos Anestakis the captain of my team.


Public Events Points Playoff: Collins


Name: Collins Amiekhamhe Age: 24 Country: Italy How do you feel right now? Hey, I won a Super Rare Copy of the new Prize Card! I’m feeling great! What Deck did play today? Crusader – at the Main Event I had to face a lot of Decks and the Deck struggles against those. I feel like Crusader is a little bit underrated. Any last words? Shoutouts to Perico, Alberto Conti, Bertu and Jason.