Public Events Playoffs Winners

28.08.2016 | 19:59 |

The 4 best Public Event participants as well as 4 random Duelists are each facing off against each other, competing over a total of 2 copies of a Super Rare [93] Prize Card. We present to you the winners of these 2 tournaments.


top playoffs

Alpay Engin is one of the players who earned the most points playing Public Events and he won against the other 3 players who also reached the top 4 spots using his Kozmo Fire King Deck. After 2 long days of Dueling, he earned his [93], reaching the top one last time for today!

random playoffs

Among all Duelists who participated in at least one Public Event this weekend, 4 were randomly drawn and Alberto de Castelli is the one who defeated the competition in this final Public Event with his Magician Pendulum Deck. Congratulations on your prize card!