Public Events Roundup Sunday

YCS Paris Day 2 is a crucial time for those in the main event, but for those who didn’t quite make it there’s still plenty to do! Read on to find out about everything that’s going on!

Public events are a fantastic way to practise your skills and earn yourself new cards. Running today we have:

[header]WCQ: Regionals[/header]
[b]Time[/b]: 09:00 – 15:00
[b]Price[/b]: €12 Advanced Constructed / €20 Sealed Pack
The European Championships are coming up soon and if you want to be one of the skilled few to get in there and win big these are the tournaments for you! The winner of each of these events will win a Regionals Game Mat and an entry into the WCQ: EC 2014.

[b]Time[/b]: 09:00 – 16:00
[b]Price[/b]: €8 Advanced Constructed / €20 Sealed Pack
Play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG on a bare table? HAH! Enter these tournaments to win yourself a beautiful game mat.

[header]ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD![/header]
[b]Time[/b]: 12:00, 13:00, 14:00
[b]Price[/b]: €12 Advanced Constructed
All the players at YCS Paris are here for their love of the game. Not only their love of the game, but also the love of the cards themselves. Not only for their love of the cards, but also the love of the GIANT CARDS. These 32 player tournaments prove popular at every YCS, so if you want a Giant Card, you better rev it up and get your game on because it’s time to duel and get yourself a monolithic Monster Card!
[b]Time[/b]: 10:00
[b]Price[/b]: €20 Booster Draft
Giant Attack of the Giant Card is a bigger better Attack of the Giant Card tournament and is all about Booster Drafting! A great way to collect some cards for your collection and get a Giant Card as well.

These events will be running almost all day. Head on over to the Public Events registration desk for more information!

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