Public Events Schedule Update for YCS Ghent 2019

21.09.2019 | 10:51 |
We have great news for you! The Public Events Schedule has been updated for this event! As some sort of late surprise and by public demand, we decided to host a Speed Duel Attack of the Giant Card Event on Sunday. It’s a great chance to try your newest Speed Duel Deck and your newest strategies in the most competitive environment possible. Registration will start on Sunday at 9 a.m and close an 10:20. The event itself will start at 10:30 sharp. So, if you want to participate in this cool event please make sure that you register in time. Of course, ther will be some great prizes as well. The winner will receive a giant copy of one of the most popular Skill Cards in the game right now: Viral Infection. Take a look at this gorgeous card:


Skill Card


We hope that you are just as excited as we are and will be attending the event.