Public Events Top Playoffs awards two players with YCS prize cards

09.09.2012 | 18:34 |
A special treat for the Public Events players: Beside the prizes that they can get in the respective tournaments, they also have a chance to get their hands on the new YCS prize card Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry. Two UK Duelists were the happy winners this weekend. Jordan Ruff and Thomas Lockett are the winners of YCS Sheffield's Public Events Top playoff and by this won an extra copy of Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry in Super Rare, the cherry on the cake of a great Public Events weekend. 17-year old Jordan Ruff from Birmingham got into the finals by winning a Win-a-Mat tournament with his Wind-up Deck. He's played a number of Public Events this weekend, hoping that in the end he would actually get a Digvorzhak. Thomas Lockett from Manchester was lucky being randomly picked out of all Public Events players to participate in the playoff. The 21-year old played in the Main Event yesterday and dropped after day 1, having been a bit unlucky with the cards he picked. He enjoyed the Sealed experience very much, though, saying that it's good that you need to prove skills to win. In the Public Events, Thomas started with a Phantom-Chaos-Deck, changing to a Dark Gaia-Deck to win in the playoff with Blackwings.

UK Duelists Thomas (left) and Jordan (right) with their rare prize cards