Public Events: Turbo Pack 3 Knockout

18.07.2010 | 15:45 |

The decision on the Top 8 EC players is getting nearer, but let’s have another look at the Public Events that are open to everyone who has come here to Birmingham. Besides the YSC trials, there is another premiere in the Public Events:

The new Turbo Pack 3 boosters are given out for the first time! You will have the chance to get them at local tournaments afterwards, but players here already have the chance to receive them in the

Turbo Pack 3 Knockout

In this knockout-tournament, players use their own deck. Everytime a player wins a match and progresses to the next round, he will get rewareded with a Turbo Pack 3 booster. So they get a prize for every game they win.

Players get a brandnew Turbo Pack 3 for every duel they win

Turbo Pack 3 brings you great cards for your collection