Public Events!

29.06.2014 | 12:44 |
Premier events are for players of all ages and abilities. As well as the Main Event and Dragon Duel event we also have a huge variety of Public Events. If the Main Event doesn't go your way on the first day you can join the hundreds of other Duelists who are waiting to play in one of our many Public Events. This weekend we have another great twist to the classic ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! as we give up to 128 players the chance to play a knockout event with the new Realm of Light Structure Deck where the winner will walk away with a giant copy of Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn. There are also three WCQ: Regional events where the winner will receive an invite to next year's WCQ: European Championship. These all run alongside our usual all-day Public Events including Win-A-Mat, Sealed Pack Drafts and regular ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! competitions. With plenty of events to play in through the weekend it really does make the tournament a great all-around experience and if you haven't attended a Premier Event before it's definitely worthwhile!