QQ: How Did Dueling on Day 0 affect your decisions for Day 1?

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Day 0 is about much more than just the Public Events: it’s also about preparing for Day 1!  I asked a couple of Duelists how their observations and Dueling on Day 0 affected their decisions for the weekend. Check out their answers!

Argyris Evangelos from Greece!
Argyris Evangelos from Greece entered a Win-a-Mat Tournament and changed around his Deck as a result!

[quote] I entered a Win-a-Mat event. I played Rabbit. I lost first round because I was facing Inzektors. I wanted to test my Deck build. It did not go quite well so I made a few changes. I will enter the Main Event most likely with this Deck. [/quote]

Catarozzolo Riccardo from Italy!
Riccardo Catarozzolo from Italy decided to use Machinas in tomorrow's Public Events, including the ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARDS!! Tournament!

[quote] I did 2 Last Chance. The first with Wind-Ups and the second with Machina. I’m going to use Machina tomorrow because Cardcar D in the Deck is great.” [/quote]

Ilias Vroustouris from Greece!
Ilias Vroustouris from Greece took second place in a Win-a-Mat with his Dino Rabbit Deck, and decided to Tech Out his Deck against Wind-Ups!

[quote] The Main build is the same, but I changed 2 or 3 cards, just with the Side Deck. Not Main changes. What I see is, they play a lot of Wind-Ups. So I decided to play Maxx “C”. [/quote]

Cristian Passalacqua and Luca De Angelis from Italy!
Cristian Passalacqua and Luca De Angelis are from Italy! Translating for Passalacqua, Luca De Angelis told me that Passalacqua decided to take his Jurrac Guaiba out of his Deck after testing. He also said he's not changing his Deck at all, as explained in the quote below.

[quote] I just watched some friends play. I was already ready with everything! [/quote]

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