QQ: How Did the North American WCQ Affect Your Deck This Weekend?

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Duelists around the world heard about the Wind-Up Mirror-Match that took place in the Finals of North America’s World Championship Qualifier less than a week ago; but have the Duelists in Europe changed their Decks to respond to it? I surveyed a few Duelists to see what they thought about Wind-Ups winning North America’s World Championship Qualifier, and to see if they changed their Decks for the WCQ: European Championship as a result. Check out their answers!

Dario Carelli from Switzerland doesn't think that the Decks in the United States directly influence which Decks will be most popular in Europe.

[quote] I do not change my Deck because of the Americans. I change my Deck if in Europe there are many of those Decks. In North America, the metagame is just a bit different. If in Europe there are many good Decks, I put in cards against them. [/quote]

Emil Elsborg from Denmark changed his Side Deck as a result of the North American WCQ.

[quote] I changed a little bit. The Side Deck, but not that much the Main. I ended up Siding some more cards against Wind-Ups, like Black Horn of Heaven. It’s also really good against Dino Rabbit. [/quote]

Sascha Fabian from Germany chose to use a completely different Deck because of the results of the North American WCQ!

[quote] I would’ve played Wind-Ups, but I think many players are choosing Maxx “C” in the Side, so I changed my Deck. Since I think that many players are playing Wind-Ups, I chose a Deck that’s built against Wind-Ups.” [/quote]

Ivan Todorov from Bulgaria wasn't swayed by the results of the North American WCQ!

[quote] My Deck decision was from 3 months ago, and nothing changed it. This will affect not me, but the other people now choosing to use Wind-Ups. Wind-Ups is a good match-up for me. [/quote]

Ivic Zvonko from Croatia changed his Side Deck because of the Wind-Up victory and Dino Rabbit's popularity in North America.

[quote] I put more Side material in my Deck for those match-ups. [/quote]

Domenico Bernardini from Italy changed his Side Deck as a result of the North American WCQ!

[quote] It made me use some more cards against Wind-Ups and Rescue Rabbit. I side in so many cards against Rabbit, which was scaring me the most. [/quote]

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