QQ: How did you get to Brussels?

31.08.2013 | 19:36 |

We respect the lengths Duelists will go to play in our events and with people from all over Europe in attendance, so let’s take a look at exactly how people made their way to Brussels!

[quote][p][b]Reuben Smet (Belgium)[/b][/p]
[p]”I came by car, it was nice to have a YCS close to home.”[/p][/quote]

[quote][p][b]A.D. Fox (UK)[/b][/p]
[p]”By car! I took the ferry with my friends and arrived early this morning.”[/p][/quote]

Ken Van Schoor took the train from Antwerp

[quote][p][b]Ken Van Schoor (Antwerp)[/b][/p]
[p]”By train! “[/p][/quote]

Jeroen Dierckx drove with a friend!

[quote][p][b]Jeroen Direchx (Belgium)[/b][/p]
[p]”I drove here with a friend.”[/p][/quote]
As you can see, with Brussels being at the centre of Europe, it’s quite easy to get to!