QQ: What are you looking forward to in Extreme Victory?

16.04.2011 | 18:20 |

[p]Extreme Victory’s only a few short weeks away from us now, and there’s several cards in the set that will see action in the coming months! I caught up with a few Duelists and Judges in between Rounds to see what they thought of the new set, take a look![/p]

Mike Knight's after the new Psychics. Odin was too busy watching over the Aesir to comment!

Mike Knight (United Kingdom):
New Psychic monsters! Up until now they haven’t had all the support they need, but Extreme Victory’s fills those gaps nicely. It’s a Deck I’ve wanted to play for a long time too!

Reborn Tengu and the new Psychics are on Risson's mind.

Rissons Ulysse (France):
I still have to look at everything in the set, but the new Psychic monsters are very interesting. [b]Reborn Tengu[/b]'[s] a very good card as well, it’s worth going to the Sneak Peek for!

James Cooke's also after the new Psychics!

James Cooke (United Kingdom):
Phychics man, that’s where all the action’s at! Tech Genus cards are strong as well, but we need to wait for T.G. Hyper Librarian to show up in Europe before the Deck reaches its full potential.

Eric Rossier's sees a big improvement for Scrap Decks in the future.

Eric Rossier (Switzerland):
I’m interested in the Meklords, they look quite strong, especially in Scrap Decks. [b]Scrap Orthros[/b] is another card I’m looking out for!

Alessandro and Ismael give us their thoughts.

Ismael Fernando (Spain):
I play in Sneak Peeks to see all the new cards, and I think they’ll bring more competitive Decks to the top tables!
Alessandro Prelli (Italy):
I’m looking forward to [b]Six Samurai Hermit[/b] because it’s good for Sabers as well as 6 Samurai, and there’s plenty of combos in both Decks with this card. [b]Reborn Tengu’s[/b] an amazing card to get for attending Sneak Peeks also!