QQ: What Deck will win the Main Event?

Round 1 of the WCQ: European Championship is currently underway, so while the Duelists in the main event are competing right now, I asked those attending the Public Events this weekend a Quick Question: What Deck do you think will win the main event?

Simon Ho (United Kingdom): “I think X-Sabers will win, they seem to be the most consistent of the top Decks.”

Javier Lopez (Spain): “It’s going to be either X-Sabers or Infernities this weekend.”

Benjamin Guß (Germany): “X-Sabers are the most consistent and powerful Deck out there so I go with them.”

Daniel Plaul (Germany): “X-Sabers!”

Stephan Polfiet (Belgium): “It’s going to be Infernities. They are too fast for everything else.”

Phillip Lambrecht (Belgium): “Blackwings are always a strong Deck to take to a tournament. They’re very versatile and can be built in lots of different ways.”

So it looks like X-Sabers are the favourite to win this weekend, and with powerful cards such as Rescue Cat, XX-Saber Darksoul, XX-Saber Faultroll and Gottoms’ Emergency Call it’s not hard to see why. Once we get to the later rounds today, we’ll be able to see which Decks are performing best, and which new Decks are causing an upset.

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