QQ: What do you think of the new F&L list?

The latest F&L list has been published on September 1st. After almost one month of experience with the new forbidden and limited cards, we wanted to know what the players at the YCS think of the latest changes.

Michael and Simon (Germany):Heavy Storm shouldn’t be forbidden. And OTK Decks (OTK stands for a deck that can win a Duel in one round) should be more limited by adding other cards to the list.”

Eric (France): “X-Saber Decks should be more limited by the list. So many players are playing them, and I’m sure today’s winner will also play X-Saber. Limiting these Decks would just be good for diversity.”

Falk and Markus (Germany):Cold Wave could also be on the list, rather than Heavy Storm. Except for this, the list is quite balanced, and it makes many different Deck types possible. Maybe Destiny Draw could be limited. But the changes are good because now there are less OTK Decks.”

Naceur (Germany): “I’m not really satisfied. XX-Saber Darksoul could have been limited.”

Druard (France): “Generally, the list is good but it’s annoying to have to play without Heavy Storm.”

Dominic (Germany): “It’s interesting; I cannot complain about it. It’s good that Monster Reborn is back from the Forbidden List. But I don’t like the change with Heavy Storn . This makes Starlight Road quite unuseful. It could have been Cold Wave instead. Generally, the changes touch different Deck types, but except for OTK Decks, none of them were badly affected. ”

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