QQ: What Was the Coolest Play You Encountered This Weekend?

QQ stands for Quick Questions! A lot of awesome stuff happens in Battle Pack Sealed. I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to find out the coolest play they encountered this weekend. Check out their answers!

Damen Sellors
Damen Sellors made an awesome play with The Calculator.

I had The Calculator (Level 2). What it does is get 300 ATK for each Level on the field. I took Tragoedia (Level 10) with Change of Heart. I had Gorz (Level 7), a Gorz Token (Level 7), and White Night Dragon (Level 8) already on the field. The Calculator attacked directly for 10,200 damage. I think my opponent was at 8000 still. I still had all the other monsters to attack with, too. That was cool.

Jaakko Penttinen
Jaakko Penttinen used Gaap the Divine Soldier to rescue his monsters from Windstorm of Etaqua.

My opponent played Windstorm of Etaqua while I had Gaap. All of my monsters switched to Defense Position, and then Gaap switched them back into Attack Position.

David Hartley
David Hartley's opponent combined a bunch of cards that require him to skip his Draw Phase.

Someone did an awesome play to me. He used Reckless Greed, Reckless Greed, and Offerings to the Doomed. Instead of skipping 5 Draw Phases, he only skipped 2.

Jared Munro
Jared Munro had 2 copies of Raiza the Storm Monarch in his Deck.

I Tributed Witch of the Black Forest for Raiza. Then I searched for Raiza with the Witch.

Shaun Godly
Shaun Godly discarded Tour Guide From the Underworld with Tragoedia to win.

I was in time. My opponent Flip Summoned Greenkappa to destroy my 2 Set Cards: Nightmare Wheel and Dust Tornado. He attacked with Greenkappa for first damage. I dropped Tragoedia with no cards left in hand. In my Draw Phase I drew Tour Guide. Knowing that he had a Power Frame because I saw it with Pot of Duality, I took Greenkappa with Tragoedia’s effect by discarding Tour Guide, and then I used United We Stand to beat him with his own Greenkappa.

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