QQ: What was your toughest matchup?

15.04.2012 | 11:48 |

No matter what Deck you use, there’ll always be one matchup that’s tougher to win than any other. Here’s what some of the remaining main event competitors had to say about their most difficult games.

Sebastien Gonzalez (Belgium): I played against a HERO Deck that was quite difficult. I didn’t see any Elemental HERO Bubbleman or Skill Drain, but there were plenty of Gemini Sparks and Hero Blasts to cause problems.

Jack Bruun (Sweden): The Rabbit mirror is always difficult, as the opening turns are very important. If your opponent plays Evolzar Laggia early you need to have the right cards like Snowman Eater or there’s no way to catch up usually.

Noel Garde (France): I went undefeated with Dark World, but there was 1 Wind-Up Match that was really close. In one Duel he opened with “the combo” and left me with 2 cards, but one of those was Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and Card Destruction was the other. I was able to make a comeback from that. It happened again in Duel 3!

Jake Quinsee (UK): My last round against Inzektor was really tough; even when I had my Wind-Up combo he would come back with Inzektor Dragonfly and start using his Graveyard to get free cards.

Kevin Thiebaut (France): My Feature Match yesterday was really difficult. I was lucky that my opponent made a key mistake at the every end. I could have lost that one and be nowhere near the playoffs, but fortunately I didn’t.