QQ: Where should the first YCS 2011 take place?

The next YCS will be in Italy, as much can be said. But after Germany and Italy in 2010, we asked our players: Where should the first YCS in 2011 take place?

Of course, many players would like to have such a big event in their home country. So let’s see what they say:

Waldemar (Germany): “Somewhere where Yu-Gi-Oh! is popular and many people will attend. So the best would be somewhere in the middle of Europe but not in UK because the EC was there. Maybe somewhere in Belgium, the Netherlands or France.”

Chris (Switzerland): “In Basel, Switzerland. Mailand would be a good choice, but if it should be outside of Italy, it’s Basel. It’s good to reach.”

Phu-Shahin (Germany): “My first answer is Rome, but outside of Italy I’d say the Netherlands or Belgium because it’s close.”

Nick (Greece): “In Athens, we need a YCS in Greece!”
Spyros (Greece): “Yes, Athens would be great. Otherwise just somewhere central in Europe.”

Ryan (UK): “Madrid, Spain.”

Stephan (Netherlands): “Amsterdam of course! No, seriously, Madrid would be really great.”

Thomas (France): “Somewhere in France. I’d say Lille, because we have a good experience with the EC 2009 at Lille.”

A group of Spanish players could not really agree: Madrid or Barcelona. Let’s go for the clear 4:1 majority, though, and say: “Madrid because it should be in Spain, and Madrid is central.”

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