QQ: Where would you like the next European Championships to be held?

[p]We asked previously how people arrived in Brussels this weekend; the answers were varied and showed a wide range of how far players are willing to go and by what means they’ll do use. With so many people today qualifying for the European Championships, we ask the players where they would like to travel for it![/p]

Brem Van Devyver and Florian Reimers would have the Europeans in Austria

[quote][p][b]Florian Reimers (Germany)[/b][/p]
[p]”Austria would be a nice location! It’s nice and central in Europe and hasn’t had that many major events!”[/p][/quote]

Stefan Farust doesn't mind where it is, as long as he's there!

[quote][p][b]Stefan Farust (Germany)[/b][/p]
[p]”In England, why not? It’s not important to me where it will be, I will fly wherever I need to for a chance to play in the Europeans!”[/p][/quote]

Dimitri Bellaiche (top) and Jean-Luc Ketele (left)!

[quote][p][b]Dimitri Bellaiche (France)[/b][/p]
[p]”In France, where else!”[/p]
[p][b]Jean-Luc Ketekle (France)[/b][/p]
[p]It has been a long time since we last had an event as prestigious as the Europeans![/p]
[p][b]Dimitri Bellaiche (France)[/b][/p]
[p]”We are also very central in Europe, easy to get to from anywhere on this continent and from the UK!”[/p]

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