QQ: Which Change Do You Want to See Made to the Forbidden & Limited List?

QQ stands for Quick Questions! It’s already July, and before you know it, the September 1st Forbidden & Limited List will be here! I surveyed a few Duelists to see what they want to see changed on the Forbidden & Limited List when September 1st, 2012 rolls around. See what they said!

Tolga Erkoc from Austria wants to see Dark World, Dino Rabbit, Chaos Dragons, and Wind-Ups get hit by the upcoming F&L List.

[quote] I think for this format, the best option is to Limit The Gates of Dark World to 1, maybe Rabbit to 1, Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity to 1, and Eclipse Wyvern to 1. Then it’ll be very interesting to build a Deck and there will more chances to win with other Decks. [/quote]

Claudio Kirchmair from Austria wants to see a bunch of popular cards hit.

[quote] I think there are 3 cards you need to hit: Future Fusion and Wind-Up Hunter to 0, and Limit Tour Guide to 1. There’s a lot of Decks that run Tour Guide. Maybe Limit Hornet to 1 to make D.D. Crow better too, and Grapha to 1 for the same reason. If you have only 1 boss monster, you need to play more carefully. [/quote]

Davide Bellocchio from Italy wants to see a few cards hit by the upcoming F&L List.

[quote] I want Future Fusion forbidden, Rescue Rabbit to 1 or 2, Inzektor Dragonfly to 1 or Hornet to 2 and Dragonfly to 2, and Heavy Storm and Wind-Up Hunter forbidden. [/quote]

Federico Zoppini from Italy doesn't want much changed.

[quote] I want Tour Guide to 1, and Heavy Storm and Monster Reborn forbidden again. [/quote]

Esteban Almeida from Ecuador would like to see a bunch of changes!

[quote] I want Inzektor Dragonfly to 1, because with 3 you can always have an extra card. I also want Zenmaity to 1 because it lets you get Rat and do 3 Special Summons. Perhaps bring back Tribe Infecting Virus – I don’t know why it’s still Forbidden. And perhaps Cyber Stein, because of Veiler. Aside from that, perhaps Lightpulsar Dragon to 2 because it has 3 effects. And finally, also put Rescue Rabbit to 2. [/quote]

Fernando Alves from Portugal wants to see Future Fusion gone, and would like to see Wind-Ups take a hit.

[quote] I want Future Fusion Forbidden. I’m playing Chaos Dragons, and I think Future Fusion should be Forbidden. They should also touch the Wind-Up engine: Zenmaity or Hunter – I don’t care which. And they can bring back Magician of Faith, because it wouldn’t change the format. [/quote]

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