QQ: Which is the strongest card that was released in 2010?

After round 2 was finished we asked the players who have already finished this round or sit in the Public Events’ area which card they think is the strongest that has been released in 2010 so far:

Adam (UK): “Absolute Hero.”

Charlie (UK): “Machina Fortress, in the Machina Deck and also as a single card.”

Luke (UK): “Consecrated Light.”

Sascha (Germany): “Infernity Barrier… or the Infernities in general.”

Oliver (France): “Infernity Launcher.”

Jordan (UK): “XX-Saber Darksoul.”

Halis (Germany): “Infernity Doom Dragon.”

Sebastian (Sweden): “Brionac Dragon of the Icebarrierr.”

Franz (Germany): “Battlefader, it changed the game so much.”

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