QQ: Which is your favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! release?

The tournament shows how many different decks and cards can be used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. This made us wonder which release the players enjoyed the most.

Thomas (Switzerland) and Davor (Croatia): “Gold Series 3 – it has great reprints and so many cards that are playable. We are also looking forward to the next Tins with “Battlefader” and “Vayu the Emblem of Honor”.”

Sven (Netherlands): “Invasion of Chaos.”

Kishor (England): “My sons are the ones who play. They liked Ancient Prophecy, and The Shining Darkness. They can’t wait to get the Black-Winged Tin.”

Rubén (Italy): “Crimson Crisis.”

Federico (Italy): “The Shining Darkness.”

Kester (Netherlands): “The one around “Supervise” (Warriror’s Strike) because of “Supervise”.”

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