Quick Question: How did you get here?

30.10.2016 | 10:15 |
Liverpool is giving us a hard time here this weekend as the weather is pretty bad. It’s very windy and not really my favourite place to go to in autumn. Still, almost 800 players showed up to compete in YCS Liverpool not carrying about weather at all. How did they get here?




How did you get here?
Brandon: I came here by ferry from Belfast. It was an 8 hour trip but it was alright. I had to get all the way down to the Isle if Man and then up again to Liverpool. It’s a lot cheaper than flying.




How did you get here?
Andrew: I’m from Northern Ireland. I took a plane. I found a cheap flight from Belfast to Liverpool. It was like 90 Pounds there and back.




How did you get here?
Finn: I’m from Leicester and I got a lift from a friend of mine. It was a 2,5 hours ride. It went pretty smooth the entire way because we left early in the mourning.




How did you get here?
Ludovico: I live in Rome and we found a direct flight to Liverpool. We were lucky to find a rather cheap flight. It took about 2,5 hours to get here.




How did you get here?
James: I got dropped off by car. I live about 10 minutes away from the venue so I didn’t have a long ride. If you want to enjoy the city after the event I would recommend you to visit LIVERPOOL One and Albert Dock. Then there is Mathew Street that’s were all the bars are.