Quick Question: How did you get here?

19.03.2017 | 9:45 |

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and right in the heart of Europe. It is easy accessible from all the big Yu-Gi-Oh! countries as our country breakdown shows. Due to its position between Germany and Austria it is a very attractive destination for Duelists out of these two countries. Take a look at how people got here and what stories they have to tell about their ride.




How did you get here?
Rene: We came here by car from Pinkafeld, That’s a small city in the south of Austria. We had a smooth drive and already arrived Friday evening. My car is my preferred method of travel. I can drive for hours without getting tired or anything. And since I came here with some friends of mine it was cheaper than taking the train. We will stay until Monday and visit the city.




How did you get here?
Lukas: I drove here by car all on my own. It’s a five-hour drive to Prague and everything went smooth. Since there is not direct connection to Prague via highways I had to take a few side roads to get here. That was very exciting since I had to figure out how to go on.




How did you get here?
Luka: I’m from Postojna, a small city in Slovenia. I came here by car as well. I had to drive about 800 kilometres and it took me about 7,5 hours to finally arrive in Prague. When I drove through Austria it was all sunny and warm and in the Czech Republic the weather changed completely.




How did you get here?
Aaron: We took a plane from London to Prague. I came with 3 other friends of mine and we fly home on Monday. We took some time to see the city on Friday. Yesterday I have been playing all day long and for today I’m planning on entering some of the Public Events. I want to play in the Public Events Playoff.




How did you get here?
Ioannis: I am from Crete, Greece. Me and my friends flew from Crete to Prague. We arrived here on Tuesday and took some time to visit the city. I only visit one YCS per year, so it has to be something special and I always take a few extra days to enjoy the city.